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How FM Software Can Ready Your Facility For Winter

How FM Software Can Ready Your Facility For Winter

Prepping a facility for winter can be challenging. There's a lot to remember and consider, and it's very easy to overlook minor problems that can turn into major issues once cold weather strikes. Fortunately, today's facility managers don't have to shoulder this burden alone. Facility management software takes a lot of stress out of the whole winterization process. Here's are just a few of the ways it can help:

1. Providing a contractor directory.

When a frozen pipe turns into a major flood, it doesn't leave a lot of time for shopping around for the best plumbing or flood remediation contractor to repair the damage. If an uninsured, uncertified contractor does a poor job, that can also turn a simple repair into a huge legal headache. Good facility management software includes a contractor directory, which puts a list of licensed, insured, experienced contractors right at a manager's fingertips. These lists include extensive profiles of each expert, with their insurance status, licensure, reviews, specialties, years of experience, and more.

2. Creating checklists.

One of the toughest parts of getting ready for winter is making sure that nothing gets missed. Have the HVAC units been inspected and maintained? Has water been shut off to unheated areas of the building? Are the pipes properly insulated? Facility management software can help managers create and manage checklists, streamlining the winterizing process, and ensuring that everything gets done.

3. Planning preventative maintenance and manage work orders.

A major component of winterization checklists is scheduling preventative maintenance. HVAC units need servicing, landscaping needs to be maintained, and minor repairs need to be taken care of before the winter weather hits. A solid maintenance plan helps managers stay in control of expenses and downtime, and facility management software makes that a lot easier. Facility managers can create a preventative maintenance plan, make maintenance calls, and stay on top of work orders, all in one convenient program.

4. Keeping on top of budgets.

Winter usually means higher bills, especially for facilities in areas that experience very cold weather. This can make it more challenging to keep on top of spending without sacrificing facility maintenance. Facility management software offers some sophisticated business analytics. This doesn't just help facility managers stay on budget during winter, it can make it easier to detect patterns and anticipate expenses for years to come.

5. Creating an emergency plan.

If severe weather strikes, an emergency plan is crucial. Every facility should have established equipment shutdown procedures, power outage backup plans, and bad weather policies. Facility management software makes it easy to keep all of this information in a central, easy-to-update place that can be accessed from anywhere.

6. Standardizing.

Standardization helps boost efficiency and cut costs. Facility management software makes it easier to keep track of exactly what bulbs, fuses, hoses, filters, and other consumables are needed, and where. Using standard consumables simplifies ordering and inventory, two things that can save a lot of time and money if supply lines get delayed because of winter weather.

7. Saving manuals.

There's nothing worse than trying to troubleshoot or maintain a piece of equipment without a current, easy-to-read manual. Paper manuals can fade, tear, get stained, be lost, or just fall apart. Facility management software can help by saving manuals where employees can access them whenever they need to. When HVAC, plumbing, irrigation, and other equipment maintenance and tune-ups are such an important part of winter readiness, it's better not to take a chance on hard copy manuals.

8. Staying connected.

From severe weather to COVID-19 related business shutdowns, a lot of things can keep facility managers out of the office. Web-based management software is secure and easy to access from anywhere with an internet connection, even with a tablet or cell phone. This means that facility managers can make sure that things are running smoothly, enact emergency plans, and facilitate a safe, thorough business shutdown if need be. All the contacts, work orders, manuals, and other information they might need are right at their fingertips. Winter can turn minor maintenance and inventory concerns into emergencies, and the best way to avoid that is to be proactive. Facility management software takes a lot of stress out of planning for winterization, from making checklists, to creating emergency plans, to managing inventory and lists of contractors. If you're starting the process of readying your facility for winter, make your job easier. Let facility management software handle the organization and analytics for you.

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