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The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) is the premier professional association for facility management. Supporting the largest community of FM professionals in the industry, IFMA membership comprises more than 17,300 facility professionals throughout 55 countries. Our members have a voice in 127 chapters and 15 councils and one special interest group.

IFMA was established in 1980 as a not-for-profit, incorporated association dedicated to promoting excellence in the management of facilities. Globally, IFMA spots trends, conducts research, provides educational programs, and assists corporate and organizational facility managers in developing strategies to manage human, facility and real estate resources. The combined purchasing power of IFMA’s North American members is $81 billion (U.S.) annually.



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The Pandemic Is Changing How Facility Managers Deal With Floors

It's no secret that facilities that see a lot of traffic pose the highest risk of infection. Facility managers are responding to this by changing the way they handle everything from floor cleaning to the flooring itself.
09/09/2020 | [email protected] | 0
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Access Control Procedure & Policy Tips For Facility Managers

Some access control tips for facility managers to make sure that people who may be sick are prevented from accessing their buildings.
08/21/2020 | [email protected] | 0
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Airborne Coronavirus and Your Building's HVAC System

Coronavirus is more likely to infect people in a confined, poorly-ventilated space than outdoors. Is the air in your facility is clean and is your HVAC system up to the task?
08/07/2020 | [email protected] | 0
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